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Chongqing Taihe Exhibition Co., LTD

Professional monograph/to the essence of sincerity

Taihe Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in Chongqing in 2003, developed to Chengdu in 2004 and Shanghai in 2008。With the rise and development of China's convention and exhibition industry and cultural industry, it has witnessed the transformation of China's economy under globalization。Since its establishment, it has formed the scale and development direction of important exhibition cities in China, with Chengdu-Chongqing in the west as the core and Shanghai in the east as the core。The company has independent and well-equipped production factories in Chengdu, Chongqing and Shanghai, with convenient transportation and clean environment。At present, the company has more than 20 domestic excellent elite (project, design, supervision) team, they are from domestic well-known exhibition companies and famous art colleges and universities of professional talents;Strong creativity and imagination;Vigor is their age characteristics, talent is their professional characteristics。

The engineering team that enjoys the name of little Luban will not relax every minute detail in the project;Because fine construction and strict operation are the basic requirements for each of our engineers。

In design, we recommend personalized, customized professional creative design, we refuse to decadent commercial production;Because only the suitable is the best, to provide customers with the best and most appropriate creative solutions in order to better help customers enhance brand image and brand promotion。

In the construction, the company uses professional and strict training of construction personnel, strict control of each production process and construction technology;Each construction process has a professional technician on-site supervision and guidance operation。

In terms of service, we respect the principle of no small matter, we will stand in your position to help you consider how to do the best thing;Our greatest advantage is to do things in every detail, and do the best!

To create China's emerging cultural industry model with an international perspective

In recent years, our customers are distributed in government, automobile, sports, IT, telecommunications, finance, tobacco, real estate, daily chemical, industrial, trade and other departments or industries。